eSecure - 30W Soldering Iron KitThis soldering iron kit is supplied with all the accessories you will need for your average soldering job. Included in the kit is a 30w Soldering Iron, stand with sponge, solder and a desolder pump.

The included stand is a great addition to this kit as it offers a good level of safety with its heat guard. The stand features a coiled spring holder you to rest your soldering iron when in use. On the base of the stand is a sponge that is heat-resistant (please remember that you must wet it first) but allows you to remove any excess solder.

The desolder pump is a useful accessory as it allows you to remove any excess solder from a joint making a much neater job. Overall a great soldering iron kit that is amazing value for money. It’s difficult to find another soldering iron at this price, let alone a whole kit!

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